About us

Lava Cheese

Lava Cheese is a snack made from cheese, which is dried and baked. The name is derived from the shape of the pieces which resambles the rough shape of the Icelandic lava fields.

The beginning

The idea of a snack made from pure cheese came to us when we realized the best part of a grilled cheese sandwhich is the melted cheese which hits the grill. With that taste in mind, we developed our first product - Lava Cheese with Chili.

The Founders

The founders and owners of Lava Cheese are Guðmundur Páll Líndal and Jósep Birgir Þórhallsson.

Food expo, 2016

Jósep and Guðmundur Páll at a food expo in desember, 2016


Lava Cheese is made with Icelandic cheeses . You can use it as a snack, crunch it up into croutons for your salad or use it as a base for your canapés. Lava Cheese chili has some chili added for that extra hotness, Lava Cheese Liquorice has liquorice added for that extra Nordic saltiness and Lava Cheese Smoked Cheddar has a delicious smokey flavor that goes exceptionally well with your favorite beer!

Our product line

If you like to experiment, make sure to let us know what you like to do with Lava Cheese on our Facebook page.


You can get Lava Cheese at these locations:

In Reykjavík

In Hafnarfjörður

In the Southern Peninsula

In West Iceland and the West Fjords

In North Iceland

In Akureyri

In Vestmannaeyjar

In South Iceland

In East Iceland

More locations coming soon, stay tuned here and on Facebook!


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